The Kern Secret Witness program does not track the IP address of your computer or keep any statistical logs.

Informants do not have to give their name when calling the 24-hour hotline: (661) 322-4040.


Because police officers are often unable to know everything that is going on in the community, citizen participation in law enforcement and crime prevention is crucial. The Kern Secret Witness Program is designed to provide incentives to community members for becoming involved in crime prevention and resolution.

Citizens are offered opportunities to make the community a safer place to live by becoming involved in crime prevention. Besides making a positive contribution to the community, individuals can enjoy some monetary rewards for their efforts thanks to the Secret Witness Program.

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History of Kern Secret Witness Program

The Kern Secret Witness Program was formed as a public benefit, non-profit corporation in 1982. It is a collaborative effort between law enforcement and the community to involve the public in the criminal justice system by removing the fear of reprisal for assisting law enforcement. This is guaranteed by ensuring that those who provide information will never be identified by the Secret Witness Program.

Rewards are available for those who provide information that leads to the arrest and conviction of suspected persons. This program is administered by the Secret Witness Board of Directors, and all funding for the program comes from public donations.

The Bakersfield Police Department and Kern County Sheriff’s Department support the Secret Witness program and recognize it as a valuable tool to help solve crimes and apprehend wanted persons.

How The Program Works

The Kern Secret Witness Program relies on anonymous tips from community members. Secret Witness maintains a 24-hour hotline to receive information provided by community members. The information may be in response to a law enforcement agency’s request for assistance on unsolved crimes or unsolicited information about a crime or wanted person.

If information provided proves to be worthwhile, the caller – who is given a code name and number at the time of their initial call – is asked to re-contact the hotline to arrange for collection of the reward. The hotline documents all information received and faxes it to the appropriate law enforcement agency for follow-up. Information that is used to successfully solve a crime or locate a wanted person is forwarded to the Secret Witness Board of Directors who will determine the significance of the information provided and decide on the amount of reward to be disbursed.

The Secret Witness Board of Directors has sole discretion to authorize and set the value of a reward. If you are interested in becoming a board member, please complete and submit a Board Member Application.